Recommendation for model types

F1D – Prop pitches vary from 26″P on the low end up to 35″P on the higher end. Some use washed out tips, others stick with the helical distribution. 27″ to 31″ are good starting points. Diameters can vary from 17.5″ to a bit over 19″.

LPP – 22″ to 26″P seem to be common. Some swear by washed out tips 24″ to 20″ near the tip.

Ministick – 14″ – 16″P seems to be common.

HLS seem to be similar to F1D, maybe average a little higher in pitch. 32″ to 35″ seems common. 18-21.5″ diameter.

Kang Lee recommends:

F1L:  14″ diameter and 26 to 30″ pitch

800 mg EZB: 14 x (26 to 28″P)
600 mg EZB:  13.5 x (24 to 28″P)
400 mg EZB:   13 x  (24 to 28″P)
300 mg EZB:   12 x  (18 to 24″P)
Bill Gowen uses a 28″P block with 2 degree washout at the tips for both F1M and F1L. F1L blades do not reach the washed out portion.

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