Adding camber to blades

Camber form being tied to block.

Camber form being tied to block.

I wanted to document how I added camber to one of my blocks.

After choosing a blade size, I selected a bit of light A-grain balsa that bent easily around the form. Choosing the right piece of balsa makes life easier.

I cut this piece in a rough rectangle larger than what the blades would be then sanded an arc into the blank. 150 grit sandpaper does wonders on light balsa.

The blank was then soaked in water for around 10 or 20 minutes. A center reference line was drawn on the block and marked at each inch.

I knew I wanted a blade no larger than 14″ diameter, so the blank end was set at 7″ on the block. The bottom edge was aligned with the reference line and I wrapped the blank with thread tightly every 1/4″ or so. In one spot I added a 1/16″ square bit to hold it down more tightly.

The entire bit was popped into the oven and set to ‘Warm’. Once heated, I turn it off and let it dry overnight.

The following day I used thinned Ambroid – A drop every 1/4″ or so on the edge keeps the camber form in place. After the glue dries, the thread is removed and any obvious lumps/bumps are sanded smooth.

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