My name is Mike Kirda and I live in Chicago, Illinois. I had read a couple of articles for producing these blocks, but it wasn’t until I tried carving one by hand that I thought seriously about using my band saw to cut them. It took me a while to find the 1/8″ blade with 6TPI – It is no longer produced so it comes down to finding someone with old stock to make one up for you. Turns out it took less time to build the fixture than to carve the block by hand. I made a few blocks for myself for built-up F1D props and that was it. I happened to bring one to an indoor flying session and got a lot of interest – soon I was making more.

A recent upgrade to the cutting fixture increased accuracy –  Newly cut blocks are within 1 degree of expected angles at each station measured.

Wider (or taller) blocks can be cut within the limits of the fixture.

Have a special request? Contact propblocks@gmail.com for pricing and more information.

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