Links – Pics from West Baden 2013 contest – Short video from West Baden contest – The fixture I use came from this article. Without their inspiration, this would not exist.

GreenMan Balsa – No website, but contact Nick Aikman at This is the best balsa I have seen so far. – Home to the re-born INAV, Indoor News and Views. – NFFS Indoor blog – National Free Flight Society (NFFS) main website – A very useful gathering of folks at the Indoor section.

Chain Gang winder – No web site, contact Art Holtzman at This is my go-to winder – I like it over the Wilder Winder I found on eBay.

Pictures of UIUC Armory – Home of USIC 2013 – – Forthcoming documentary on Indoor duration. If you donated to the Float Kickstarter project and selected an F1D model kit, one of our 31″P prop blocks was included in the kit.

For some really thin wood, see this link –

The only source of Microfilm I am currently aware of: Source of Ron William’s wonderful book. I bought this as a first edition back in ’81… Source of very light carbon prepreg. It is possible to make carbon tubes with this light enough for indoor use.

My local FF club – where I am the acting webmaster: Bong Eagles Our local glider guru’s website full of information on various indoor glider designs.

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