Miscellaneous stuff

3K Toray M60J carbon tow for F1D prop outline a la Brett Sanborn available: $2.10/gram. Plus 50 cents for the spool, if used.

Thornel P-100 2K tow available: $1 per gram, plus $1.50 for the spool.

Misc. DE razor blades: 10 blades for $2

Candidius pack of 10: $6 (limited quantity)

Ready to use mold forms for carbon F1D prop outlines. $150 each. At least 2 week lead time.

I also make carbon outlines. Minimum of four and 2 week lead time. Contact me for details.

Teflon o-ring for A2Z glue bottles: $1 each

Quick release valve for balloon: $3.75 each

0.080″ single wall polyimide tubing – $3.50/foot.

o-ring material for F1D/F1L/A6 type lighter models – 1/8″ OD – $1/foot



Laser cut F1D template sets: $30. Includes Fuse parts (for 1/4″ fuse, stub, and tailboom) and airfoil templates (3.5%, 4% and 4.3% arcs, 1.8% arc for stab, plus templates for Nick Ray’s F1D model.)

BanksLPP rib drawing.

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