Propblocks shut down as a business effective 4/2/2019.

All products that used to be sold here are now available at our new e-commerce website:

I look forward to continuing to provide quality products through IFFS.


Unfortunately due to a lack of suitable blade stock, I am currently not cutting any more prop blocks. When/if I am able to procure more blades, I will start up again.

Instead I have switched to making fiberglass forms to build off of or form props from.

Either Fiberglass molds of my existing blocks or Fiberglass molds with camber for forming sheet props, available in any pitch and a choice of cambers.

I am taking a break from producing FliteTork digital Torque meters. Please contact Bill Gowen for them.


I am no longer selling custom cut prop blocks.

F1D Template sets have arrived and are shipping. See the Misc stuff tab for information.

E-mail me at in order to place an order.

Pricing for Helical forms in Fiberglass:

  • 10″ @ $25
  • 12″ @ $27

For non-helical, I typically charge $2 extra for the setup. You will need to contact me with your specifications in order to get it set up. These may take a couple of weeks to make and send.

Treger forms – $27

I accept PayPal (at or checks: Contact me at for postal address.

I do ship Internationally and charge only what the post office charges me.

For shipping within the US on most items, am switching to USPS Priority mail. Typically this is $7.50.

Please visit my YouTube channel: